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Ozone application
Application of pharmaceutical industry

Ozone disinfection method
Application and popularization of clean production (room) in pharmaceutical industry
Scientific research shows that ozone has a strong bactericidal effect. The mechanism and process of ozone sterilization belong to the biological oxidation reaction. Ozone oxidation decomposition of the bacteria inside the glucose glucose oxidase; can also direct effect to the bacteria and virus, destroy the cells and RNA, DNA, protein and other macromolecular polymer decomposition, destroyed the metabolism and reproduction of the bacteria. Ozone can also penetrate the cell membrane, cell permeability abnormalities, leading to cell dissolved; even can be dissolved in the bodies of bacterial genetic gene, phage, mycoplasma and pyrogen (endotoxin) etc., degeneration and to perish. The aseptic technique and principle of microbial effect, can be divided into three kinds of antibacterial, bactericidal and bacteriolytic. Application of ozone as a sterilizing agent can achieve lysozyme, which can achieve "a thorough and permanently destroy all microorganisms on object surface" effect.
First, the characteristics of ozone disinfection
In the pharmaceutical process, in order to effectively control the microorganism in the aseptic production area environment, the suitable disinfection method is needed. Kill environmental air, buildings and equipment on the surface of bacteria, the routine in the past to clean (room) of disinfection and sterilization with ultraviolet radiation, formaldehyde, epoxy ethane gas fumigation and disinfectant spray, sterilized at high temperature. However, many disadvantages of conventional sterilization methods, such as UV irradiation method, using a UV lamp with the increase of time decreases, and sterilization capabilities continue to decline; UV penetration ability is very weak, and there are dead and irradiation height (effective irradiation height is 1.5 meters), and at the same time, influence of humidity on the sterilization effect is larger. The use of chemical fumigation, long cycle, so that the air conditioning system is not a long time to run, resulting in increased energy consumption. At the same time, there are two pollution problems in the chemical fumigation. Such as formaldehyde fumigation, there will be a number of polymer (white powder) attached to the clean area (room) and the surface of the equipment. Generally within a few days after disinfection, the suspended particles number will increase, formaldehyde polymer also gradually depolymerize into formaldehyde tour, on the staff of harm. On the other hand, due to the chemical fumigation can not every day, and microbial contamination source -- people and things but every day to and out of clean room and into the microorganism cannot completely rely on clean health and general disinfectant wipes and sprays to solve, microorganisms increased with the extension of time.
Compared with the conventional method of disinfection and sterilization, the method has the following advantages:
(1) the efficiency of ozone disinfection is the air as raw material, do not need any other auxiliary materials and additives. Ozone has the characteristics of uniform diffusion and good compatibility. It overcomes the inherent shortcomings of the ultraviolet sterilization, which can achieve the goal of fast and efficient disinfection and sterilization. In addition, ozone sterilization has a broad spectrum, can kill bacteria breeding, spores, fungi and protozoa cell body and so on the many kinds of virus, remove mold, deodorization and odor organic smell.
(2) Gao Jie's net: the characteristics of ozone decomposition into oxygen rapidly, is the unique advantage of ozone as a disinfectant. Ozone oxidation in the process of sterilization. Oxygen atoms naturally combine with oxygen molecules (O2), there is no toxic residues, known as the "green disinfectant", to solve the problem of two pollution. At the same time eliminating the disinfection after the end of the re clean.
(3) the operation is simple: sterilization, the ozone directly into the air duct or air conditioning cabinet, according to the time through the validation of the sterilization time, set the automatic timing control time, operation and use of special convenience. Sterilization time is generally 1-1.5 hours.

Two, the choice of ozone generator
For the selection of the ozone generator, the total amount of ozone required for the sterilization space must be calculated, and the calculation formula is as follows:
W=NV * (1+X) / (1-S) / 1000
Formula: W - total ozone dosage, unit: g/h;
N - the ozone concentration required for sterilization space, unit: mg/m3;
V - the total volume of the sterilization space, that is, the sum of the volume of the air conditioning system (HVAC), the volume of the clean area and the air conditioning system (), unit: m3;
S - ozone decay rate of about 40%;
X - the percentage of the ozone loss caused by fresh air is about 15~30%;
In the pharmaceutical industry, according to the user's actual use of the results and my company's design experience, the value of the general N is as follows:
1, space sterilization, replace formaldehyde fumigation:
(1) three hundred thousand, one hundred thousand are designed according to the one hundred thousand level: N take 10ppm;
(2) million: N take 15ppm;
(3) one hundred: N take 20ppm.
(Note: 1ppm=2mg/m3)
2, pipeline container sterilization: General N take 50ppm.
Three, the installation and use of ozone generator
The ozone generator which is produced by our company can be installed in the air conditioning room, and the ozone air outlet pipe is directly driven into the air duct or the air conditioner cabinet, and the ozone is sent to each space which needs to be sterilized through the air conditioning system. So as to achieve the purpose of clean (room) for sterilization of. At the same time, the supply and return pipeline up to sterilization effect.
In addition, according to the specific conditions of the sterilization space, the ozone generator can be placed in the sterilizing chamber, and the effect of disinfection and sterilization can also be achieved. Disinfection, should close the corresponding fresh air inlet and the air return discharge valve, the clean room was disinfected by the
Air through the air purification system to form an internal loop air circulation, to achieve the purpose of disinfection. About the time of disinfection and sterilization of ozone, can be verified by bacteria to determine, generally 1~1.5 hours.
Four, Anqiu auzon Max Equipment Co. Ltd. and domestic old ozone generator

安丘奥宗麦克斯设备有限公司  国内老式臭氧发生器  
1、采用富氧机对进入臭氧发生器的空气进行干燥、除氮,氧气含量不受环境条件的限制,所以臭氧浓度高。  1、臭氧产量受湿度条件影响,放电板表面吸收灰尘,工作一段时间后,产量会下降30%-50%,浓度低。
2、无须安装在风道或机箱内。  2、需安装在风道或机箱内,必须使用异形风道,由于受空调风的影响,臭氧发生积聚灰尘,影响臭氧的产量和浓度。
3、使用寿命长,达20000小时。  3、使用寿命为8000小时。  

Five, the end of the language

Due to its own characteristics, the use of ozone has been decided. Once the extensive use of the environmental protection type of disinfectant, it will bring considerable economic benefits and social benefits.

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