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Our company won the bid of Linyi Xincheng Jinluo meat dish Limited by Share Ltd of low temperature meat products shop and locker room disinfection project
In April 2007, Linyi Xincheng Jinluo Meat Food Co., Ltd. of low-temperature meat products in the workshop and changing room disinfection and sterilization projects for public bidding, seven ozone generator for the production of enterprises to participate in the tender, our company by virtue of a strong technological advantage and large ozone equipment of high yield, high stability, come to the fore in many companies bidding, successful in one fell swoop.
The sterilization system consists of three sets of 1Kg/h ozone occurring system and a set of 400g/h ozone generating system of including the discharge chamber, electric control cabinet, dryer, in addition to water heater, etc.. Mainly used in the workshop, changing room and other space disinfection and sterilization.
Company warmly welcome new and old customers to visit and guide! Thank you for your support and attention to our company for a long time.
Company Tel: 0536-4362010 (Sales) 4386928 (Finance)
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Company address: Anqiu City, Shandong Province
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