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Core technology
The core technology of the discharge electrode of the ozone generator.

  When ozone, ozone generator, the internal environment whether chemical or electronic is very cruel, dual conditions of high voltage and corrosion of strong oxidizing gases, ozone generator design requirements must use appropriate materials and on the structure must have a high breakdown voltage safety factor, so as to ensure that ozone generator at the user's site long-term and reliable performance.
Ozomax company's patented electrode / dielectric assembly completely unlike other systems, because some systems use unreliable insulating materials (medium), and ozomax all components and materials are could endure harsh chemical environment in the generator. Ozomax company medium breakdown voltage security system numerical 9:1, and other material breakdown voltage security system numerical only 2:1 or 3:1 and coated with imported ozomax company the electrode surface oxidation resistance of nano coating, electrode service life is increased to 6 million hours, the result is very clearly. The generator eliminates the problem of the failure of the dielectric material, and the resulting downtime and maintenance costs.
Ozone concentration level of discharge gap have very strict requirements, the smaller discharge gap, the higher ozone concentration and to get high concentration ozone discharge gap should be 0.1mm, (as shown) but to achieve narrow discharge gap is bound to have a high requirement for machining process and dielectric materials, ozomax electrode by the imported car milling compound machining center a molding, to avoid manual welding gap caused by uneven and influence the operation of the whole machine.