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Ozone application
Application of ozone powder sterilization machine

Powder sterilization and OZO-FJ type
Technology and application of ozone powder sterilization machine
First, summary
Under normal temperature and atmospheric pressure, the gas is a kind of strong oxidant, with a high reduction potential (EA0=2.07V), and can be oxidized to decompose a variety of toxic and harmful substances. Ozone oxidation or the product of its own decomposition for water or oxygen, does not produce two pollution, so it is called "green disinfectant".
Ozone sterilization principle in the destruction of the structure of the microbial membrane to achieve bactericidal effect. Ozone, first of all, the effect on the cell membrane, membrane component damage and lead to metabolic disorders, ozone continues to permeate through the membrane and the destruction of the membrane lipid protein and lipopolysaccharide, change of the cell permeability, leading to cell lysis and death. Ozone killing virus is believed to have a direct effect on the oxidation of RNA or DNA, which is a direct destruction of its RNA.
In the process of GMP validation in our country, there is a comprehensive introduction to ozone:
"Scientific research has shown that ozone has a strong bactericidal effect."
"Ozone disinfection principle is: ozone at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure molecular structure instability, soon self decomposition into oxygen and individual oxygen atom, the latter has very strong activity, bacteria have very strong oxidation, ozone oxidation decomposition of the bacteria inside the oxidation of glucose to the enzyme, to destroy the cell membrane and kill it, the excess oxygen atoms will be self re combination of become a common oxygen molecules, there are no toxic residue, so that no contamination of disinfectants. It not only has a strong ability to kill a variety of bacteria (including the hepatitis virus, E. coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and miscellaneous bacteria), but also is effective in killing the mold."
Also in issued by China's Ministry of health in 1991 technical standard for disinfection, sterilization effect of ozone, range and method of use have clearly defined. Among them, the ozone sterilization made a clear affirmation, "4.12.2 bactericidal effect: ozone is a broad-spectrum bactericidal agent, can kill bacteria propagation and spores, viruses, fungi and other, can destroy botulinum toxin. Ozone in water is faster than chlorine."
In recent years, the application of ozone in pharmaceutical production has been hot, and it has been widely used in air purification, water treatment and so on. In the powder sterilization, with the maturity of the technology, the development trend is also very fast. The following is an analysis of the problems in this area.
Two. The main conditions for the sterilization of ozone powder
1, the contact process to ensure full
Although ozone has a strong sterilization effect, but its penetration is not very strong, so full contact is the primary condition of ozone sterilization. If there is no very good equipment can protect the powder and ozone full contact (mixing), can not guarantee the uniformity of ozone sterilization, there will be a dead end, it is difficult to ensure that the effect of powder feeding.
2, maintain appropriate concentration
The ozone oxidation has strong sterilization effect, but things have two sides, strong oxidation and destruction on the ease of oxidation of items, some powder containing readily oxidizable component, such as anthraquinone, ursolic acid, and so on, if the concentration is too high will be serious damage to them; but because of the microbial content of powder is generally higher, such a high microbial content with ozone concentration is regrettable. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the selection of ozone concentration to a very high demand, which can not only effectively sterilization and not seriously destroy the active ingredients.
3, time to be suitable
Ozone sterilization is a chemical process, it needs a certain reaction time, under the premise of the appropriate concentration, extend the sterilization time helps to improve the efficiency of ozone in terms of theory; but oxidation reaction process of ozone sterilization and is easy to be oxidized ingredients, ozone and powder of shorter contact time, the chemical composition of the powder damage smaller, the sterilization time control proposed higher requirements. Only with appropriate concentration, through repeated experiments to determine the reasonable sterilization time, otherwise it will have a greater impact on the chemical composition of the powder, the effect of drugs.
4, to ensure the purity of ozone
Due to the ozone preparation technology and gas source processing technical reasons, traditional ozone generator will produce toxic part of nitrogen oxides, nitrogen oxides and powder material in some of the chemical composition of reaction, forming nitrite, nitrate and other harmful substances. So the ozone generator for powder sterilization should be taken seriously, and the gas source should be treated strictly.

Three. Sterilization of ozone powder in several ways
1 ozone sterilizing cabinet
The structure is based on the steam sterilizing cabinet, and the powder is sterilized by the ozone. The principle is to spread the powder in the tray, and then put the cabinet on the shelf, or put the tray on the moving car into the cabinet, and then the ozone sterilization. This method for timing the tray removed flip powder, in order to fully contact with the ozone, but there are still dead to ensure no ozone and powder mix, and time-consuming, so its practical application value is not high.
2 ozone double cone mixing machine
The method is to add the powder mixture into the mixing machine, and then the ozone is added into the double cone or the two dimensional mixing machine to carry out sterilization on the powder. But there are still many deficiencies, on the one hand because of uneven distribution of ozone concentration, due to the high local concentration and of powder target composition and chemical composition caused greater damage; on the other hand, powder and ozone in this structure is difficult to achieve the ideal effect in the contact of, there are sterilization dead. In addition, sterilization time is too long (3-4 hours), there are significant deficiencies. On the one hand to pharmaceutical factory of matching equipment sterilization process and to the production scheduling brings great difficulties; on the other hand, because ozone is a strong oxidizing agent, long time for ozone and powder contact will bring ozone on powder target composition and chemical composition caused great damage to the adverse consequences. Therefore, it is difficult to apply the method in the actual production.
3 ozone powder sterilization machine
The above analysis, ozone powder sterilizer aozongmaikesi device Co., Ltd. developed, the structure of the machine is the vacuum feeding, then through an automatic investment feeding device into the mixing choose floating box, using pneumatic blender voted heightening purity and high concentration ozone, powder suspended in a mixed suspension box, and instantly reach sterilization concentration, the dust removing device for gas powder separation, clean gas through the wind pipe through the fan into the pneumatic blender for recycling, so as to achieve disinfection and sterilization and degradation of pesticide residues and other objective and fully mix powder. The design idea is in accordance with the conditions of mixing the ozone powder, and the sterilization is not dead, so it is recognized in the actual production.
Four, OZO-FJ type ozone powder sterilization machine introduction
In order to make us have a better understanding of the machine, the machine is now the technical principle, equipment features, the main parameters are introduced as follows:
1, the technical principle: the machine with high purity and high concentration ozone treatment method and to recycle gas utilization principle of gas powder mixing device as the main means of treatment; to closed, high-efficiency vacuum feeding device for the purification of the security; to control and automation equipment linkage device for modern production provide technology guarantee.
2, equipment characteristics
Effect of sterilization, after the 80 batches of about 4.5 tons of sample experimental proof, bacteria sterilization rate was 95.28%, fungi sterilization rate averaged 96.2%. Among them, the bacterial sterilization rate was 99.3%, the lowest sterilization rate was 92.4%, the highest rate was 99.6%, and the lowest was 94%. The sterilization efficiency to meet the requirements of the production of Chinese traditional medicine on microbial limit medicine raw powders, and the effect is stable.
The small investment, low operation cost, is only 1/3, steam 60Co irradiation 1/10. Equipment investment is small, the area is small, no other ancillary facilities, no need to put into mixing equipment, its life expectancy is higher than other ways.
The powder effective component loss is small: by adjusting the parameters to the powder target component loss rate control in less than 6.5%. Experiments show that with hot and humid, hot and dry, and compared, using this method to deal with the destruction of the object of the chemical composition and the target component is reduced by an average of 17%.
The GMP certification is closely related to: the machine is to solve the problem of "hot" in the process of Chinese medicine can be placed in a clean space, convenient equipment linkage, improve the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine processing, certification and GMP requirements.
The low energy consumption: power consumption and a small amount of water, than the other way can greatly save energy consumption.
The safety and environmental protection: the machine disinfection is thorough, no secondary pollution, good disinfection effect, after treatment of tail gas for oxygen, self decomposition to oxygen, no pollution to the environment, is harmless to the human body, to bid farewell to before the traditional Chinese medicine processing workshop noise roar, the steam filled condition.
, convenient and easy operation, this machine for powder treatment at normal temperature and dry condition, after treatment without crushing and sieving, directly put in storage. The process is simple, easy to operate, labor intensity is small, the equipment is easy to maintain.
3, the main parameters


sterilization time


Number of sterilization


Total power


Ozone concentration


Exterior dimension


























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