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Ozone application
Ozone and water treatment

Since 1893 in Holland for the first time the ozone for water treatment, has had more than 100 years of history, in the meantime, Europe and the United States on ozone, understanding early, according to the report, until 1940 abroad for processing water system has more than 100 sets of, in 1977, has reached more than 1000 sets. In recent years, with the development of the domestic economy and the progress of ozone industry in China, for the application of ozone in water treatment, also have the more consistent understanding, and application in all aspects of tap water, production water, pure water and wastewater treatment, etc..
Ozone as a strong oxidant, disinfectant, with sterilization, disinfection, decolorization and removal of odor, destroy live virus and reduce COD, widely used in various water treatment; at the same time, ozone is a kind of green disinfection, and will not cause secondary pollution, which is other disinfection agent incomparable advantage.
The ozone application technology for water treatment is mainly composed of air source treatment system, ozone generation system, power control system, automatic monitoring and protection system and gas water mixing system. Ozone is used for water treatment units of concentration is generally calculated by mg / L, the air type commonly used "m3" and sent a thousand times, thus it may be known, water treatment with high concentration, high amount of ozone generator more appropriate. Therefore, the stability of equipment, products life is to ensure the normal operation of the main indicators.
Water and gas mixing device is ozone for water processing essential equipment, although the ozone dissolved in water, solubility than oxygen high several times, but must by certain technical means to ozone and water full contact, which contact area, time, ozone concentration, pressure are determinants of mixing efficiency. At present, the mixing of ozone and water mainly has the following:
Bo gas method: This is a traditional method of simple, with certain pressure of ozone using a bubble machine, let the formation reduced bubble full contact with water, is not difficult to see, the smaller the bubble, the greater the depth of, the longer the exposure, the effect is better.
Two, jet method: also known as the Venturi method, is to use water flow in the pipeline through the formation of negative pressure suction device for reducing speed up the flow, mixing of ozone and water injected in the pipeline; the device installed in a jet, is must match the pipeline and (in diameter prevail) two is the jet; there can be no water to avoid adverse pressure, water enters the ozone generator; three is the jet extension line must be above 2.5m, the longer the higher the efficiency; four is required to maintain a positive pressure jet before and after a certain difference, negative suction device and pipeline is formed; five must use stainless steel or plastic material, eliminate steel iron, to avoid the consumption of ozone oxidation corrosion and pipe wall. The efficiency of the jet method is higher, but the installation design and the requirements should be very strict.
Three, turbine suction method: this way is through the installation of air pump suction process, when the water supply to the formation of negative absorption of ozone into the water, high efficiency. Its principle and Venturi method is basically the same, but also widely used. The installation requirements and Venturi method is also roughly the same, need to pay special attention to the amount of gas control, air volume will affect the water pump.
Four, reaction tower method: this method is through a higher unit tower, the water from the high spray mist, the ozone gas since a set in the tower at the bottom of the microporous diffusion equipment diffusion into tiny bubbles rise, and water to form a retrograde, the ozone full contact with water to form ozone water. This method is divided into two kinds of filler and filler, the material is very exquisite, the effect is also very good, but the cost is higher.
The application of ozone in water treatment mainly has the following aspects:

First, drinking water treatment
Drinking water for the international standard for the total number of bacteria, the bacteria are zero, the Western European and American countries are the implementation of this standard, so the water supply company's ozone water treatment products are widely used. In China due to the development, economy is relatively backward, national sanitary standard for drinking water to total bacteria count <, < 3 of coliform bacteria, and mostly used in bleaching powder, chlorine and in recent years, the promotion of chlorine dioxide and sodium hypochlorite disinfection equipment. Because chlorine disinfection will produce chlorine derivatives cause two pollution, three of which are direct carcinogenic substances in Europe and the United States drinking water treatment has been gradually eliminated. The price for the current domestic ozone generator, chlorine dioxide, sodium hypochlorite and almost even low prices.
The most extensive and successful field of ozonation applications is the treatment of drinking water. Ozone for drinking water treatment, sterilization effect is good, no secondary pollution, both decolorization, odor removal, removal of iron, manganese, oxidation and decomposition of organic matter and aid to the coagulation effect, some reports pointed out that the ozone disinfection water most of the body of harmful substances. In particular, the recent introduction of the "ozone + biological activated carbon" treatment of drinking water technology, but also to the ozone treatment of drinking water is full of confidence.
With the increase of high-rise buildings, the two water supply is also very common. In 1996 the Ministry of Health issued a document requiring two water supply must be installed disinfection facilities, and some units of their own wells must be in the case of water quality standards to allow the use of. Secondary water supply disinfection and treatment products, currently only in chlorine dioxide, sodium hypochlorite and ozone occurrence equipment selection, ozone in water processing has a strong competitive advantage, should be a mature market, including mineral water, pure water, bottled water is ozone technology products will use the market, leaving the ozone equipment is also very difficult to reach the standard.
Treatment of drinking water in the use of ozone equipment, the amount of ozone dosage should be based on different water quality options, contact time of 10-15 minutes.
Two, swimming pool water treatment
Ozonation technology for swimming pool water treatment technology has been very mature, Europe and the United States and other nations use is widespread, the international competition swimming pool most of the ozone treatment technology, China's swimming pool water standards require total bacteria count <1000 a, < of coliform bacteria, turbidity less than 5. Mainly used at present chlorine, bleaching powder, copper sulfate, and other means of disinfection, water quality standards at the same time, and causing secondary pollution, water quality caused by loud, skin irritation and other consequences, especially the use of liquid chlorine potential threats in large, once the leak will cause large area of toxic contamination, to make people nervous. Ozone technology in water quality standards, no above defects and ozone water can also sterilize bacteria to beauty, more economical is used to reduce or cancel the drug consumption, cost reduction, quality guarantee period can be extended, in line with national building a conservation minded society. < p= >
Three, aquaculture water treatment
Ozonation treatment of aquaculture water, fish, shrimp, crab growth is very favorable, the economic benefits are also very obvious. Aquaculture water because it is rich in organic matter, water quality problems easily, bacteria, viruses and bacteria on propagation of fish and shrimp is also very rampant, in recent years, the coastal area, many ponds bona vacantia and a large number of abandoned is thus formed.
Ozone in the treatment of aquaculture water, besides its sterilization and inhibition of virus and bacteria on fish and shrimp infection, transmission, can also degradation of organic matter, reduce the chemical oxygen demand (COD) and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), and because of its aid coagulation effect, to improve the water quality is a good measure. In recent years, water pollution is serious, water pollution on fish causing disease and death of large quantities of the common, and ozone degradation of NH3, SO2, and red tide toxins and harmful substances, which shows that the ozone technology in the promotion of aquaculture is very necessary.
Reported that ozone treatment water aquaculture, can the fish ponds to increase more than 30 percent, of shrimp shrimp can be increased by more than 60%, the contrast test of fish, shrimp, crab, the survival rate were increased with the increase of more than 90%, the use of ozone water aquaculture, the general to have caused harm of virus and bacterium in water, ozone is injected into the concentration of 0.5-1.2mg/L it can kill all bacteria in the water, if used as a preventive, 0.5-0.7mg/L is enough.
Four, the treatment of circulating cooling water
Circulating cooling water is very common in industry, such as paper mills, power plants, fertilizer plants, chemical plants, etc.. In recent years, the rise of central air conditioning equipment can not be separated from the circulating water. In recent years, because in the circulating cooling water found a on the human body harm great Gram-negative pathogens, people pay more and more attention to the treatment of circulating cooling water. At the end of the 1970s, the United States a large number of circulating cooling water of the ozone treatment of that ozone has slow corrosion and scale inhibition, sterilization, algae, water, no pollution etc. many advantages, and processing cost is lower than the traditional processing method, so the ozone treatment of circulating cooling water has broad prospects.

Five, industrial wastewater treatment
Ozone is widely used in industrial wastewater treatment, such as printing and dyeing wastewater, brewing and alcohol wastewater, chemical industry wastewater, paper making wastewater and so on. Ozone as a strong oxidizing agent for the sewage treatment of the above, one is to ensure that the sewage discharge standards, two as an important means of water reuse, in order to achieve the recycling of water resources, play a dual role. State has clear requirements, the recycling of water resources recycling rate of 20% or more, for serious water shortage in the region to reach more than 25%. In the treatment of the waste water containing protein and color with heavy color and alcohol wastewater, ozone can be used for advanced treatment, and the ozone and the waste water can be fully contacted by the aeration method,
When COD is 500-600mg/L, the decolorization rate of ozone in 30 minutes can reach 80-90%, and the decrease of COD is close to 20-30%. Because the industrial waste water composition is different, the calculation of the ozone dosage, generally based on the water quality through the test data.
Six, compound ozone water treatment technology
Despite the strong oxidation of ozone, but there are certain limitations, the ozone is not a panacea. In wastewater treatment, it is difficult to completely oxidize and remove some organic or intermediate products, especially when the concentration is low. So for some compound water treatment, ozone as an important link is effective, complex sewage equipped with biochemical method, photocatalytic method or medical assistance is necessary.
Ozone treatment of water is widely used, but it is necessary to hold the different water quality with some different methods, it is necessary to take some flocculation filtration technology to cooperate with. Only in this way can the application of ozonation in water treatment more and more widely, the technology is more and more mature, the development prospect is more and more broad.

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