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Ozone application
Application of carbon black industry

An overview
Ozone (O3) oxygen (O2) allotropes, normal temperature and pressure of gas. Ozone has strong oxidation ability, which can oxidize most organic and inorganic compounds. The use of ozone on carbon black oxidation treatment in developed countries has been widely used, our previous due to limited ozone generating equipment, ozone in processing technologies of carbon black oxidation treatment failed to get the specific application and promotion.
My company technical force is abundant, with Canada, the United States and China patent technology - tube air-cooled gap corona discharge technology for the production of ozone generator adopts a modular structure, mechanical and electrical integration design, programming control, the computer board operation; gas source can be for air and oxygen, using imported molecular sieve and PSA technology is on the air for drying purification, air purity can reach 100k (i.e., per cubic meter of air containing particles less than 0.3 micron, and the number is less than 10 million. ) with high concentration (6000-18000PPM), the use of long life (up to 20000 hours), low power consumption (discharge power consumption 12.5KW.h/Kg.o3, maintenance convenient advantages, in the domestic similar products, in the leading level. The product is easy to install and operate, is very suitable for pharmaceutical, food industry space and industrial water sterilization, the first in the country to introduce external external (equipment placed outside air conditioning) the concept of air sterilization.
Company in 2000 developed large medium frequency water-cooled ozone generator, realized by air cooling water-cooling excessive, and is equipped with full automatic timing control, the level of protection, temperature protection, pressure protection, ozone output regulation system. The highest yield of the product is up to 10kg/h, the service life of 30000 hours or more, and can operate continuously for a long time, not affected by the environment,
The equipment has greatly improved the unit volume production, reduced the area, to adapt to the environment, the large ozone generator for customers to provide a good choice of conditions.
Two the advantages of ozone in the treatment of carbon black
Carbon black is an indispensable chemical raw material for the modern national economy, which is mainly used in the rubber industry. In recent years, the development of pigment carbon black soon, has been involved in paint, ink, paint, plastic, fiber, paper, carbon powder, building materials, and other fields. The amount of pigment carbon black in the production of carbon black has increased from 6.4% in 70s to 8% in the current, and the global consumption of pigment carbon black has reached 480 thousand tons in 2000.
Production of carbon black pigment in the 1970s generation ago, mainly to contact method (bath and roller method) production, since the seventies developing oil furnace method carbon black pigment. At present, foreign with the exception of retained a very small amount of production of special varieties of contact method carbon black production line, all using furnace method of production of carbon black pigment, oil furnace method carbon black pigment is the inevitable trend of the domestic production of pigment carbon black
Carbon black can increase the amount of oxygen containing functional groups on the surface of carbon black after advanced ozonation treatment, and increase the activity of carbon black. If the furnace method of carbon black can improve the performance of carbon black in the process of oxidation treatment, it is more close to the groove method. Carbon black in the ozonation process, you can observe the following performance changes: 1) the pH value decreased; 2) surface volatile content increased; 3) the degree of mobility increased. The oxidation process plays a decisive role in the modification of carbon black.
The oxidation of carbon black has a variety of methods, generally can be divided into four categories: liquid phase oxidation, gas phase oxidation, catalytic oxidation and plasma oxidation. In nitric acid, sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide as the medium of liquid phase oxidation method, due to the low efficiency and serious corrosion of equipment and environmental pollution and other factors, be eliminated in developed countries; catalytic oxidation and plasma oxidation technology there is a phase of the study. In the gas phase oxidation process, such as air, nitrogen oxide as the oxidation of the media, there is a high cost and complex production process. Using ozone as an oxidant, with high efficiency. The reaction conditions are suitable, but also to realize high production quality of pigment carbon black oxidation processing technical requirements, and therefore subject to the general concern of the world's carbon black industry.
Tianjin dolphin carbon black Co., Ltd is a leading enterprise in China's carbon black industry, in 2000 to customize the company air-cooled series of 1.5kg/h ozone system, the processing capacity of 500 tons / year, the ozone treatment of carbon black become the manufacturing high quality paint, ink pigment carbon black, the use of good results. 2005 in August and from the company placed an order for a water cooling series OZO-ZS1.0KG/h type of ozone generating system, and have normal operation, without any effect on the production of quality accident, and realize the continuous, stable performance, the yield of large, the technical indicators.
Three ozone method in the treatment of carbon black
1, fixed bed oxidation method:
The method is to put carbon black into a container, and then through the ozone, while stirring carbon black, after a certain period of time, determine the sample pH value or volatile, can determine whether qualified.
2, chemical bed oxidation method:
The granular or powdered carbon black is carried through a fluidized bed with a certain flow rate, and the ozone is contacted with the ozone to complete the oxidation process. Ozone and carbon black reaction rate is very fast, almost no ozone in the exhaust gas, as long as the control of the ratio of carbon black and ozone, can be better to complete the oxidation process.
3, using the method of air oxidation:
Fast, speedy characteristics containing ozone in the air as air air supply system with the method, in the process of conveying black carbon complete oxidation treatment. In the air oxidation, we must pay attention to the equipment material must be resistant to ozone corrosion, carbon black in the delivery process must be long enough to stay. In addition, carbon black after oxidation treatment, must be crushed about 20 m, the matching performance can be fully embodied

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