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Ozone application
Application of food industry

Ozone (O3), with its peculiar smell and its name, it is the oxygen (O2) allotropes, composed of three atoms of oxygen. Ozone has strong oxidation, the oxidation reduction potential after fluoride, ranking the second place, after sterilization quickly decomposed into oxygen (O2), does not produce residual pollution; at the same time, ozone has a high energy, under normal temperature and pressure, very fast decomposition for oxygen (O2) and a single oxygen atoms (o). It is precisely because of the strong oxidation and instability of ozone in the food industry, with ozone as a disinfectant to disinfect, deodorant, deodorant, has been more and more widely used.
In developed countries, ozone has been widely used in food processing, beverage production, ocean transportation and food and beverage industry and other industries. In our country, the ozone utilization rate is low, start late, but with people's understanding of the ozone, the application of ozone sterilization will become the food industry, especially the export of food industry. Aozongmaikesi device Co., Ltd. is the production of ozone generator can be widely used in the food industry space disinfection; preparation of ozone water can be used for water purification, bottled water sterilization, aquaculture, removal of pesticide residues etc.
The superiority of ozone sterilization
The shortcomings of traditional methods of disinfection and sterilization: in the food industry, the traditional methods of disinfection and sterilization in most of the ultraviolet light irradiation, chemical reagents wipe or spray method. Application of ultraviolet irradiation, ultraviolet lamp efficacy will be decreased with the increase of time; ultraviolet light radiation effect to sterilization, food processing workshop was very high, irradiation intensity and distance is inversely proportional to the square, only exposure to position and reach the standard irradiation only bactericidal effect, strength is not enough. Therefore, it is of large dead; bactericidal action with different strains and different, such as killing mold exposure to than kill bacteria increased from 40 to 50 times; at the same time, the humidity on the sterilization effect influence, ultraviolet sterilization in 60% relative humidity of the effect of a sharp decline in, more than 80% humidity time reversal can induce bacterial resurrection.
Cleaning and disinfectant spraying with chemicals, always in the cleaning and disinfection, disinfection after again clean, waste a lot of manpower and material resources, quite troublesome also can produce residual contamination, and the need for ventilation or chemical neutralization, trouble and reduce the disinfection effect
Compared with the traditional methods, the application of ozone for disinfection and sterilization, and has the advantages that cannot be replaced by other disinfection methods: (1) the bactericidal ability than other disinfectants. The ozone will decompose into oxygen, does not have two pollution, without ventilation after disinfection. And ozone gas, good diffusion, no dead angle, uniform concentration. The ozone can be directly used for food, for sterilization or disinfection antiseptic, dry, easy. Ozone bactericidal concentration of food is very weak oxidation concentration, harmless to food. The ozone in the water sterilization speed fast (faster than chlorine 300-600 times), chlorine to kill not kill the virus I cysts, such as Cryptosporidium. The better the humidity is high bactericidal effect on the food industry, 80%-90% is especially suitable for high humidity environment. , food processing workshop installation ozone equipment investment and the UV lamp (according to 16-18 cubic meters installed a 30W ultraviolet lamp design standard), and operating costs due to ozone equipment saving, long service life and greatly reduced, for new workshop.
In summary, ozone is a broad spectrum, high efficiency gas fungicide, reliable, economical and practical, with its
It can not replace the role of disinfectant, and its unique efficacy has been increasingly favored by the people. At present, has been widely used in food processing workshop sterilization purification, environmental sterilization and disinfection work clothes, food flavor in addition to purifying, aquaculture, frozen food processing, mineral water sterilization durability, water for food production, seafood sterilization and preservation, frozen meat, cold storage disinfection and fresh fruits and vegetables on, to solve the problem of the part of food export enterprises production in microbial breeding is difficult to control.
Application of ozone in disinfection of space
Aozongmaikesi device Co., Ltd., the introduction of the latest international technology: corona discharge ozone generation technology, won the United States, Canada and China patent, and combined with the different characteristics of the food industry development ozo series of ozone generator has been developed. The product combines the advantages of similar products at home and abroad. With high efficiency and energy saving, long life (up to 20000 hours), power (electricity consumption is reduced to 12.5KW.h/Kg.O3), the concentration of high (6000-9000ppm). Ozo series of ozone generator can fully meet the industrial food production, packaging workshop and the changing rooms environment air disinfection and production tools, appliances, industry and trade with working platform and service object surface disinfection, and organic vegetables, green vegetables and dehydrated vegetables processing finished products, semi-finished products sterilization; preparation of high concentration ozone water can be used to remove pesticide residues, and water purification, purification of spices, bottled water sterilization, mildew preservation, aquaculture breeding water purification and so on. Especially in Henan Shuanghui Industry Co., Ltd, Yantai Xiwang Food Co., Ltd., and other units, have achieved satisfactory results, and make these units of product quality is guaranteed.

The operation of the ozone generator of Anqiu auzon Max Equipment Co. Ltd production of simple and convenient installation. According to the requirements and the volume of disinfection and sterilization, determine the type of ozone generator and ozone generating capacity and through the validation check bacteria number determine sterilization time can be. Sterilization, ozone generator is arranged on the environment clean, humidity smaller room, set up the boot time, resulting in the ozone can be through the pipeline to the sterilization needs between; can also be ozone generator is directly placed on sterilized directly on space of disinfection and sterilization. And according to the different circumstances of the manufacturers, the use of intermittent sterilization, that a group of people before work to turn off the machine, another group of people go to work and then start the machine, time saving, power saving, operation and maintenance is very convenient.
According to many years of practical experience, for the floating bacteria in the air required concentration is very low, generally only need 2.5-5ppm, for the object surface bacteria, about 10-15ppm or so (10-15 million). For space disinfection, according to 5-10mg per cubic meter to calculate, for the object surface disinfection, calculated in accordance with the 15-30mg per cubic meter. In the selection of ozone generator models: for purifying interval of disinfection and sterilization of relatively large, such as processing workshop, and other places, generally used in the OZO-LT series of ozone generator, ozone generator, oil-free air compressor, oxygen machine is composed of three parts mainly. Work without cooling, an ozone outlet with 0.1Mpa pressure, gas diffusion, uniform diffusion. The for the smaller interval, such as processing workshop, packaging workshop, the locker room and sterile room air disinfection, generally used in the MJB series (single wall hanging type ozone generator, ozone generator is placed directly on the sterilization of sterilization in; can also use the MJD series (single floor type ozone generator, ozone generator gas through set the conveying air tube to the need for sterilization. MJB series and MJD series of ozone generator using timing control, digital display, according to the actual situation, set the working hours, easy to operate.
As for the total volume for 4000 cubic meters of space, according to its size, can be used 45g/h of OZO-6LT type ozone generator, a, an ozone generating system centrally placed in the room, ozone through the pipeline into sterile area. In addition, according to the actual situation can also be selected MJB series of ozone generator, for the above volume, can choose OZOMJB-15B type ozone generator 3.
Application and popularization of ozone water
Studies show that the use of ozone as a food sterilization disinfectant is safe and harmless, in the appropriate dosage and good processing conditions used in full compliance with the requirements of GRAS. Relevant experts pointed out that in China's food industry application of ozone technology, is not confined to this is widely used in various fields, and should be vigorously promoted effect of ozone sterilization technology in food production and food and water quality assurance.
At present, there are two kinds of situation in food production enterprises: one is the use of contaminated water; two is the processing of water reuse or extend the use of time. Application of ozone sterilization technology to ensure the safety and hygiene of food production water is the best solution to solve the problem of product quality control, from the source to eliminate the quality of products. For the application of ozone sterilization, technical supervision, health and prevention departments have formed a consensus, therefore, there is no ozone equipment drinking water will be difficult to compete in the market.
Aozongmaikesi device Co., Ltd. according to the different characteristics of the food industry development and development of ozo series water producing device (mainly by ozo series of ozone generator and a gas-liquid separator) and other equipment is on the basis of development and become, the product combines the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, has the advantages of simple structure, reliable performance, low operation cost, flexible adjustment, inlet pressure is greater than or equal to 0.25 MPa. Can be widely used in organic vegetables, green vegetables and dehydrated vegetables in the processing of finished products, semi-finished products. Preparation of high concentration ozone water can be used to remove pesticide residues, and water purification, purification of spices, bottled water sterilization, mildew preservation, aquaculture breeding water purification and so on.
The concentration of ozone water produced by the device can reach 0.5ppm or more. Ozone in the water reduction reaction occurs, the reaction process in a single atomic oxygen (o) and hydroxyl (OH) very strong oxidation ability, moment water decomposition of organic matter, kill E. coli and other bacteria and certain pathogenic microorganisms, with good effect, no residue, no secondary pollution, the advantages of ideal disinfectant water preparation equipment. According to the practice of verification and according to the different situations of various manufacturers, about the wine and beverage bottle washing water, sterilization vegetables and other agricultural products processing, aquatic products processing and washing and concentration of ozone water to 0.5ppm; for mineral water, pure water production process of sterile water, concentration of ozone water for about 0.2 ppm can be; and for sewage treatment, aquaculture is required concentration of ozone water was 0.5ppm. According to the different concentration of ozone generator can be equipped with different types of.
According to the 3-4g calculation per ton of water ozone, and then according to the size of the water treatment capacity to select the ozone water device. Such as water is 6T/H, can choose OZO-W2 type ozone water device, equipped with a OZO-4LT type ozone generator. And according to the actual needs of the user and the situation of the field to be designed separately.

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